Introducing Equify, LLC, an independent middle market, self-funded company with a unique perspective on the business needs of a contractor.

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It's brand new for us

and we're pretty excited about it.


The Equify Family of Companies:
Equify Financial, Equify Real Estate Finance, Equify Auctions and Equify Risk Services.

The Equify brand is much more than simply a logo, an image, or a tagline. It is the embodiment of our commitment to the lasting success of our customers and partners, and of our promise to deliver forward-looking financing solutions with proven effectiveness, responsiveness, and reliability. Equify is launching its rebranding as a proactive strategic move to reflect the exciting changes that we are undergoing as a company and the major developments in our product offering. Equify’s rebranding provides a perfect opportunity to highlight our company values, the set of beliefs that guide and inspire us, and serve as key performance indicators for all activities at every level throughout our organization. Our values determine the way we recruit and retain employees, the way we build and promote our product portfolio, and the quality of service and support we provide to our customers and partners.

We know that a successful brand can evoke a strong emotional response, and we want to generate a powerful connection between the Equify brand and our customers. We are excited about the road ahead, and are even more excited that we can share this transition publicly through our website. Rather than work behind the scenes, we have decided to involve our web audience in counting down to our "brand" new look at Equify. After all, we're all in this together.

Financing BeyondThe Ordinary

  • FINANCIAL SERVICES: Equipment Financing | Capital Loans | Revolving Loans | Debt Restructure | Fleet Rental
  • AUCTION SERVICES: Retail Services | Appraisals | Inspections | Asset Management
  • REAL ESTATE SERVICES: Interim Construction Loans
  • INSURANCE SERVICES: Bonding | Property and Casualty | Workers' Compensation | Health


Equify Auctions, LLC acquires Vaughan Auction Group*

Dozers, Excavators, Loaders, Backhoes, Motorgraders, Compaction, Forklifts, Trenchers, Generators, Welders, Bucket Trucks, Service Trucks, Truck Tractors, Flatbeds, Pick-ups, Trailers and more.