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Appraisal and Asset Services

Whether you want to sell your business, a single piece of equipment, acquire a loan against your assets, pass your business along to your children or lower your property taxes, it is critical to know what your assets are worth. As a business leader, you may be undervaluing your total worth, but once Equify tells you the true value of your assets you'll be able to make more informed decisions.

Would you know who to call if you needed to know the value of your assets?
If a life-changing event occurred, would you have a current valuation of your assets?
Are you confident an average appraiser would understand the complexity of your business and life?
Is your old equipment over valued and costing you unnecessary tax dollars?
Would you like to know the value of your property?

Southwest Industrial Rigging

Southwest Industrial Rigging in Phoenix, AZ, brought Equify in to appraise their overall company, allowing them to protect their assets by creating a trust. Were it not for this strategic move, millions of dollars in valuation would have gone to the government at the passing of the principal. This would have resulted in hundreds of jobs lost, and, undoubtedly, shut down the company.

Is your money hidden in your equipment?

Is your money vulnerable to outside threats?

Are you either underselling or overpaying for equipment?

Do you know the worth of your own assets?

Is your money tied up in your real estate?



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