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Heavy Equipment Auctions

Most businesses either fail to see their underutilized equipment (allowing it to depreciate) or spend so much time selling it that the process ends up costing them money. Not only this, but because of environmental regulations, new equipment can cost up to three times as much as it did 5 years ago. This is such a serious, hidden burden on businesses that Equify created an auction division, allowing customers to buy and sell equipment in the most efficient, profitable way possible.

Do you have equipment on your lot that you’d like to turn into immediate cash?
Would you like to buy dependable equipment without having to pay retail?
Would you like to compare multiple pieces of equipment in one place before you make a purchase?
Do you have underutilized equipment you'd like to sell?
Would you like somebody to shop your equipment to a global network of qualified buyers?


Southwest Industrial Rigging

Southwest Industrial Rigging in Phoenix, AZ, brought Equify in to appraise their overall company, allowing them to protect their assets by creating a trust. Were it not for this strategic move, millions of dollars in valuation would have gone to the government at the passing of the principal. This would have resulted in hundreds of jobs lost, and, undoubtedly, shut down the company.

Bayside Land Partners

At Equify, our risk management team reviewed existing agreements and insurance policies for Bayside Land Partners of Rowlett, TX, and discovered massive risks in their contracts, exposing them to costly losses should a likely incident occur. As a result, we re-wrote their contracts and began handling their insurance needs, giving them peace of mind knowing they were both protected and in compliance.

Our team worked with a major construction company out of San Antonio, TX, to refinance their equipment, restructure their real estate, and even protect their personal ranch by bringing it under an LLC. This restructure and refinance gave them the bonding capacity to acquire additional work.

Osburn Contracting

Our team worked with Osburn Contracting in Garland, TX, and, after evaluating the equity position in their equipment, created a revolving line of credit that infused 9-million dollars into the company.

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