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Specialized Commercial Lending

Why should you worry about money when you have plenty and never knew it? Many Equify clients are shocked to find they have millions of dollars in equity tied up in their equipment.

The first key to getting your business healthy is to free up the money hidden in your equipment and use it to catch up on bills, renovate the office or just have a little more in the bank.


Do you have equity in your equipment and need a loan?
Do you have a bunch of cash tied up in your equipment?
Are you experiencing problems with cash-flow or working capital?
Would it help if your debt was more creatively structured with skip payments?

Osburn Contracting

Our team worked with Osburn Contracting in Garland, TX, and, after evaluating the equity position in their equipment, created a revolving line of credit that infused 9-million dollars into the company.

Is your money hidden in your equipment?

Is your money vulnerable to outside threats?

Are you either underselling or overpaying for equipment?

Do you know the worth of your own assets?

Is your money tied up in your real estate?



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Equify can help you discover how much money is hidden in your equipment.