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 Commercial Insurance Services

Having insurance policies in place is a small portion of what it takes to know the potential risks for your business. Our all-inclusive risk management strategy examines your current policies, ensures you are adequately covered and in compliance with government regulations.


When you list your business advisers, is your insurance agent someone you include in that mix?
Are you confident you’re compliant with the ever-changing regulations of the Affordable Care Act?
Have you had a bad claim experience that has caused you to doubt your insurance agent?
Do you only see your insurance agent when it’s time to renew or drop off a policy?
Are you concerned you’re overpaying for your current coverage?

Bayside Land Partners

At Equify, our risk management team reviewed existing agreements and insurance policies for Bayside Land Partners of Rowlett, TX, and discovered massive risks in their contracts, exposing them to costly losses should a likely incident occur. As a result, we re-wrote their contracts and began handling their insurance needs, giving them peace of mind knowing they were both protected and in compliance.

Is your money hidden in your equipment?

Is your money vulnerable to outside threats?

Are you either underselling or overpaying for equipment?

Do you know the worth of your own assets?

Is your money tied up in your real estate?



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